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General English Class

The General English Class provides comprehensive instruction in the areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The course is taught entirely in English utilising extensive content for reading, writing, grammar, and conversation. The real-life topics aim to expose students to a wide range of English expressions and extracurricular materials that are aligned with school curricula. Each lesson is taught with a different theme and aims to achieve the following:

  • Emphasizing grammar and exposing students to various English tones.

  • Providing engaging reading materials to enhance logical thinking and inferential comprehension abilities.

  • Exam skill training to foster active and independent learning.

  • Enhancing English speaking abilities and self-confidence.

  • Integrating technology into education through our online platform to improve learning efficiency.


P1 - Secondary 3 Exam Preparation Course

In addition to teaching the curriculum for the upcoming year, the teachers also tailor notes to each student based on their strengths and weaknesses. They personally teach and develop individualized progress plans for each student. The instruction is closely aligned with school content, while also incorporating additional knowledge beyond the core school materials. This approach enhances the quality of small-class teaching, surpassing the effectiveness of traditional tutoring centers in the market.


P5, P6 Exam Preparatory Class

In our small-class teaching approach, our teachers have a clear understanding of each student's progress and address their weaknesses through targeted training. They personalize their instruction based on individual needs, allowing for tailored teaching methods.

We focus on strengthening the English foundation of students from Primary 1 to Primary 4, covering topics such as Past Tense, Future Tense, Prepositions, and more. Additionally, we provide early instruction on topics within the scope of Primary 5 and Primary 6, such as Present Perfect Tense, Relative Clause, Reported Speech, and Conditional Sentences. These topics are commonly assessed in English exams.

Our extensive database of English question papers includes materials from various primary schools in Hong Kong, including renowned schools in Kowloon. This allows students to practice different question formats and diversify their skills.

We teach students effective strategies for answering key questions, helping them score points efficiently and confidently in exams. Additionally, we thoroughly review and analyze mistakes made by students, identifying common errors and reasons for loss of marks. This process enables students to learn from their mistakes and reduces the chances of careless errors in exams.


Creative Writing

In Hong Kong, exams often overlook the importance of nurturing students' creativity and independent thinking.

Students' writing tends to be vague, lacking in vocabulary, and their sentences and paragraphs may lack coherence, resulting in a dislike for English writing.

Through this creative writing course, students will have the opportunity to explore various types of writing topics, inspiring their interest in writing.

This programme aims to improve students' writing fluency, enabling them to write with greater confidence.


These writing classes typically include creative writing exercises that encourage students to express their thoughts and ideas. Additionally, students will learn about the structure of writing, sentence coherence, and vocabulary usage to enhance the quality and fluency of their writing. Through this training, students can develop greater creativity and independent thinking in their writing, ultimately boosting their confidence when it comes to writing.


​Interview Class

MAC students have successfully been admitted to multiple prestigious schools such as Diocesan Boys' School (DBS), Diocesan Girls' School (DGS), La Salle College, Pui Ching Middle School, Sacred Heart Canossian College, St. Paul's College, La Salle Primary School, Choi Kai Yau School, Ying Wa College, and many others.

Special emphasis is placed on boosting students' personal confidence, reducing the chances of losing points due to nervousness during interviews. A wide range of interview questions is covered to train students in answering techniques. Situational and image-based comprehension questions are specially designed to help students cope with diverse interview topics.

Interview etiquette is taught to establish a good impression. Mock interview sessions are conducted to enhance students' adaptability and provide them with practical experience in real-life scenarios.


Cambridge Exam Course (Starters Movers Flyers)

Students from pre-nursery to K3 can enroll in the Pre-starters course to prepare for the Starters level and achieve better results in their exams. Students from K3 to Primary 6 can enroll in the Starters, Movers, and Flyers levels. Furthermore, after completing the Flyers level, students can even enroll in advanced Cambridge English courses such as KET (Key English Test), PET (Preliminary English Test), and FCE (First Certificate in English).

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