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我們的專業教育團隊師資優良 , 獲國際英文教育資格認可 , 受專業培訓和具豐富英語教學經驗 。

我們的團隊花費多達兩年時間, 精心編寫出一系列全面的綜合英語課程 , 以小班教學方式 , 為學生提供最優秀高質的英語課程 。

多年來秉承教育創新的理念 , 積極鑽研更高效的學習方法 , 拒絕使用填鴨式教學 , 打破傳統死記硬背的教授方法 。我們研發出一套獨特的教育方式 , 多年來培育出無數精英學生 。

Miss Amy

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  • Bachelor of Arts in Media and Culture Studies, Macquarie University, Australia.

  • I have worked as a magazine editor during my time in Australia and have lived there for several years.

  • I was invited by a secondary school principal to teach in the elite English class and develop the DSE (Diploma of Secondary Education) curriculum for the elite class. Currently, I am serving as an English teacher for DSE English at a secondary school. I have more than ten years of experience teaching English to primary and secondary school students in Hong Kong.

  • Some of the schools where I have taught include St. Paul's Co-educational College, Diocesan Girls' School, Diocesan Boys' School, Ying Wa College, La Salle College, C.C.C. Chuen Yuen College, True Light Girls' College, Pui Kiu College, Maryknoll Convent School, Creative Secondary School, Sha Tin College, and T.W.G.Hs. Li Ka Shing College, among others.

  • I have provided guidance to students on multiple occasions using past DSE English papers, helping many of them achieve excellent results. Some of my students have been admitted to renowned universities, including the University of Cambridge. I specialize in teaching exam skills for primary school assessments, secondary school exams, and school interviews.

Miss Shannon

  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology & Counseling, The University of Hong Kong.

  • I grew up and studied in Australia and Seattle, USA. I achieved top grades in the US, which led to offers from prestigious universities such as the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, University of North Carolina, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and University of Wisconsin - Madison.

  • I chose to prioritize admission to the University of Hong Kong and returned to Hong Kong to pursue studies in Psychology and Psychological Counseling. I received a university scholarship and graduated with honors.

  • I have also studied Speech Therapy and Play Therapy in both the United States and Hong Kong. With many years of English teaching experience in Hong Kong, I have taught students from various reputable schools, and they have achieved outstanding academic results. I have extensive experience in developing English teaching materials for primary and secondary schools, and I am familiar with the grading criteria of Hong Kong examinations.

  • I excel at incorporating psychological and play therapy techniques into English teaching. I have successfully helped students who have lost interest in learning or have significant learning disabilities to regain their enthusiasm for education and overcome their challenges.

Miss Jenny

  • Bachelor of Arts in English and Applied Linguistics, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

  • I completed my secondary education at St. Mary's Canossian College, a prestigious traditional school in Hong Kong.

  • I have experience teaching English to primary school students, including those with special educational needs (SEN). I was also invited by a secondary school in the Sha Tin district to be a speaking examiner for the DSE (Diploma of Secondary Education) oral component.

  • During my time in secondary school, I participated in English solo recitation competitions on behalf of my school and won several championships. I also achieved the highest level in the public examination's speaking component.

  • With nearly ten years of teaching experience in English, I have worked with students of various proficiency levels, including those in different bands. I understand the challenges that local students face in English learning.

  • I have extensive experience in developing curricula for DSE and Phonics courses. I have helped numerous students achieve Level 5* and successfully gain admission to top universities.

  • I specialize in simplifying grammar concepts and teaching essay-writing skills. Additionally, I have a keen interest in multilingualism and am proficient in Korean and Mandarin Chinese.

Miss Ravleen

Ravleen(edited1) copy_edited.jpg
  • Currently at the University of London, studying a BSc in Accounting and Finance

  • Obtained 5* in HKDSE English language

  • 8 years of experience working with students of a wide age range from Pre KG to secondary school with a focus on language subjects

  • Experienced in DSE, AS and A-level exam preparation classes, creative writing classes and phonics apart from general English classes with students raising their public examination grade by 3 levels in the span of a year

  • Co-founded a non-profit dedicated to education and career advancement for underprivileged and underrepresented teenagers and young adults

  • Passionate about language learning, can speak 6 languages (native or high proficiency) including English, Cantonese and French.

  • From an immersive and multicultural background having worked with students of many different walks of life

 Miss Megan
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  • Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, specialized in Rehabilitation Sciences and Aging Studies, University of Waterloo 

  • I completed my primary and half of my secondary education at Good Hope School, a prestigious traditional school in Hong Kong

  • I continued my studies in Toronto, Canada, where I achieved top grades and have successfully graduated with Distinction

  • Obtained Teaching English as Foreign Language (TEFL) Certificate from OISE University of Toronto

  • 3 years of experience working with children from different backgrounds at various academic and sports settings, including children with special needs (SEN) like ADHD, severe Autism, as well as speech and learning delays

  • Expert in teaching young children aged 2-6, specialized in applying Montessori principles (teaching through hands-on activities) to promote independent thinking, and encouraging self-directed lifelong learning

  • Passionate about inspiring children to find their gift and passion, gain confidence in themselves, and grow as an all-rounded individual 

Miss Muskan

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  • Bachelor of Arts Honours in Fashion and Textiles with a specialism in Retail and Marketing, and a Minor in Management from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

  • I serve as a peer mentor, under the English Language Centre at PolyU, to students seeking guidance in their writing assignments and final year projects.

  • I am an aspiring lifelong learner and teacher in various industries.

  • I have experience as a Marketing Specialist, along with journalism, content creation, and social media communications.

  • I am a zealous personality, eager to nurture and develop youthful spirits to become curious explorers.

  • Most of all, I am a multicultural soul, excited to guide children and meet people with global perspectives of the world.

Miss Sonia 

  • Bachelor of Arts Honours in Visual Culture, University of Brighton, United Kingdom.

  • I am British Columbia, Canadian born but raised in New Zealand.

  • I graduated from Whanganui Collegiate School, one of the top boarding schools in New Zealand.

  • I am studying for a Master of Science in Psychology at The Education University of Hong Kong.

  • I have 3-4 years of teaching experience with playgroups, kindergarten schools, and primary school students.

  • I am also experienced in teaching Art History lessons and making teaching materials for foundation entry-level 9-10-year-old top primary school students.

Miss Kelly

PHOTO-2024-02-18-22-52-42 (1)_edited.jpg
  • Born in Taiwan, raised in Melbourne, Australia

  • Bachelor of Language and Business Management, Monash University

  • Bachelor of English Language, University of Science and Technology (Taipei)

  • 5+ years of experience in English teaching with various age groups at multiple daycare and school settings

  • Aims to empower students to harness the power of language to achieve their goals and dreams.

  • Strives to ignite the passion for learning within her students, inspiring curiosity and nurturing creativity

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