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About Us

Kick-start the English language learning journey for your child with our one-stop shop course offerings for kindergarten, primary and secondary levels. Our passion-driven teaching ensures excellence at every step. Ignite their love for language today!

Our Courses 

Top School Elite 


The Elite course classes are offered for both primary and secondary levels and follow the curricula set by Hong Kong's most prestigious schools with English as the sole medium of instruction. Our bespoke teaching materials are specifically designed to develop proficient and high-achieving students.

International Kindergarten 

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The curriculum is designed using everyday life themes, allowing children to learn vocabulary that they will encounter in during their critical learning period. This helps them establish a strong foundation in English and increases their confidence in learning the language from a young age. 

Creative Writing


In Hong Kong, exams often overlook the importance of nurturing students' creativity and independent thinking.​ Through this creative writing course, students will have the opportunity to explore various types of writing topics, inspiring their interest in writing.​

General English


The General English Class is offered for both primary and secondary levels. It aims to improve students' confidence in the areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Each lesson is taught with a different theme and aims to expose students to a variety of real-life topics that are aligned with school curricula.


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We offer engaging secondary English language courses, designed to equip students with a diverse range of essential language skills. Lessons are designed to teach students to be aware of current global affairs, whilst instructing them in developing advanced writing techniques and cultivating an abundant English vocabulary.

Read 'N' Read


Read 'N' Read Phonics is fully taught in British English covering world children's stories as extracurricular reading materials, in order to broaden students' knowledge of the world. The course utilizes the MAC team's original intensive phonics techniques of visual memory and English word blending along with singing and playing, such that students enjoy the reading process.

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Kick-Start your Child's Learning Journey Now!


Hear from the MAC Family!

"I'm very grateful for the professional guidance of MAC teachers. My daughter's English grades have improved by 30 points in just one semester. Her English reading, writing, and listening skills have improved significantly, and we are very satisfied with her grades!"

Haylie 媽媽

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