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International Kindergarten Course

The curriculum is designed using everyday life themes, allowing children to learn vocabulary that they will encounter in primary school during their critical learning period. This helps them establish a strong foundation in English and increases their confidence in learning the language. Through engaging English conversations, visual aids, and English songs and games, students get to experience the joy of foreign language communication. The teaching materials cover reading, writing, listening, and speaking, with content that is easy to understand, progressive, and accompanied by a plethora of simulated practice questions.


Read 'N' Read Phonics

Read 'N' Read Phonics is fully taught in British English covering world children's stories as extracurricular reading materials, in order to broaden students' knowledge of the world. The course utilizes the MAC team's original intensive phonics techniques of visual memory and English word blending along with singing and playing, such that students enjoy the reading process while listening to stories.


Students are encouraged to read stories aloud in order to expose them to a large amount of commonly used English vocabulary and enable them to acquire basic self-reading and comprehension abilities. Each session incorporates short practical articles, including geographical and scientific knowledge segments. Reading stories aloud helps students build confidence from an early age and immerse themselves in different cultures.

The practical use of phonics pure English instruction and early introduction of word blending allows students to learn authentic English accents, helping them effectively apply phonics in silent reading and writing. The curriculum is flexible with teachers adjusting the pace and learning progress according to students' abilities such that students with a foundation in phonics can progress faster to avoid redundant learning.

Nursery Level Phonics:

  • How to blend sounds to pronounce words

  • Identifying individual sounds in words and dividing them into different parts to assist in blending

  • Learning words with unique pronunciations that cannot be deciphered through phonics alone

  • Learning words with similar sounds but different meanings and spelling patterns through blending and segmenting

  • Learning to write short phrases and sentences creatively


Example word blending levels:

Early Stage: Rat, Leg, Hop, Swim, Pond, Fizzy

Intermediate Stage: Uniform, August, Person, Saturday


Kindergarten Level:


  • Suitable for primary school students or above who have a basic understanding of phonics and are ready to learn to blend.

  • Teaches advanced blending techniques, enabling students to effortlessly blend more complex words

  • The course is more advanced than typical phonics courses available in the market and truly solidifies students' spelling abilities for advanced vocabulary


Example word blending level:

Galaxy, Kitchen, Nutrition, Physics, Crime, Wagon, Congratulations


Exam Course (Starters Movers Flyers)

Students from pre-nursery to K3 can enroll in the Pre-starters course to prepare for the Starters level and achieve better results in their exams. Students from K3 to Primary 6 can enroll in the Starters, Movers, and Flyers levels. Furthermore, after completing the Flyers level, students can even enroll in advanced Cambridge English courses such as KET (Key English Test), PET (Preliminary English Test), and FCE (First Certificate in English).


Trinity Exam Course

The Trinity College London Graded Examination in Spoken English (GESE) is an internationally recognized English speaking examination organized by Trinity College London, an internationally accredited institution. It assesses students' English comprehension and communication abilities based on international standards. The examinations are conducted in over 60 countries worldwide, ensuring global recognition. Additionally, the qualification is recognized and endorsed by the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority, providing a guarantee of confidence and reliability.

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