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Top-School-Elite English Course 

The Elite course classes follow the curricula set by Hong Kong's most prestigious schools with English as the sole medium of instruction. We teach Cambridge grammar along with UK and US-centric reading comprehension exercises and teach students to be aware of current global affairs, whilst instructing them in developing advanced writing techniques and cultivating an abundant English vocabulary. The course content covers a wide variety of subjects with in-depth themes, and the content of our teaching materials involves deep-level studying of a myriad of different, intriguing issues. Our bespoke teaching materials are specifically designed to develop proficient and high-achieving students.


Secondary English Class 

The General English course is designed for junior high school students from Form 1 to Form 3 and aims to familiarise students with the most common grammatical concepts and sentence structures required in everyday life. The course covers English grammar, writing, and reading with a variety of materials at ranging levels from simpler concepts to deeper ones as the course progresses. The course aims to strengthen students' mastery of essential English grammar concepts and helps students overcome obstacles in their English language learning, such that they have a solid foundation for the Diploma of Secondary School Examination (HKDSE) moving forward.


HKDSE English 

This course is designed for Form 4 and Form 5 students. It focuses on teaching students the essential examination skills required by the Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (HKDSE). The course will aid students' understanding of the examination format and the scoring criteria for each paper and will cover the essential components of English grammar, writing, reading, listening, and speaking, thus developing students into high-achieving and proficient English speakers.

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